Hannah & Kees #Row4Cancer

Rowing to raise money for children's cancer research


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We are doing a virtual row from Amsterdam to London to raise money for children's cancer research.
Mark Slats and Kai Wiedmer depart on December 12th from La Gomera for the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a 5000 kilometer row in a two person boat across the Atlantic. They have asked anyone willing to start rowing with them from their day of departure in aid of children's cancer research by the Maarten van der Weijden Foundation.
We will be rowing 350km in total, rowing 15 km each per day for 12 days. We start this Saturday 12th December and will continue to row every day until the 24th December. As a team we will be posting our updates here and on our Instagram handle @hckp_adventures.
If you’d like to see us suffer, donate some money or just have a laugh at our sweaty faces, please follow our journey, kicking off this weekend!
Our motivation? Knowing that Mark and Kai are rowing the whole time!


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